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At SPLICES, we are not consultants but partners: we integrate into your organizations to co-develop solutions with you and assume the projects until they are implemented because we feel we are responsible for tangible changes.


We want to know our clients, their history, their culture while keeping this offbeat, expert and external look that opens up new perspectives. It is this subtle balance that motivates us to make a real difference. 


SPLICES is above all a matter of conviction. 


Companies, teams and managers must learn to live in an increasingly unstable and unpredictable environment, but not all need to adopt a revolutionary governance model; it is a question of balancing disruption and pragmatism to be generators of reasoned progress.


We are also convinced that it is by working in the field with teams and managers that we can achieve lasting results.  The subtle combination of “top down” initiatives and “bottom up”appropriations is a key to sustainable transformation.

WE ? 

Laurence Hébette

Pierre-Paul Cornet:

"In the continuity of about thirty years as HRD of major international structures or director of Business Units, I decided to create Splices in order to devote myself to what I am most passionate about: support leaders and their teams in the concrete implementation of the transformations necessary for their company.

Certified to change management tools (Prosci and Acertare) I guide you in a way built on the path of useful change; facilitator in collective intelligence, I provide the necessary flexibility for paradigm changes; finally, my talent as a federator actively contributes to the indispensable appropriation of the project by the whole company.


And since I am a man of team and relationship, I collaborate regularly with other partners who bring wealth to the project, as needed."

Laurence Hébette:

"I specialize in facilitation, interpersonal communication and team dynamics management. I also rely on a solid andragogical experience and a substantial managerial background to support teams towards more relational quality (internally, 360° or outward) allowing performance, especially in situations of change or tension. 


I consider resistances as creative opportunities because they induce a movement that helps to find meaning and correct posture, which are among the essential keys for me.


My ambition: to contribute to greater serenity and transversality because «the company» is a way to live together."

Pierre-Paul Cornet
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